In 2019 the PTFA will again be running a series of 'Familiarisation Tests' or 'mock exams' to give both boys and girls currently in Year 5 an opportunity to experience what it is like to sit an 11+ Entrance Examination.  The tests are designed to provide a learning experience for your child, helping to prepare them for what they will encounter when sitting real entrance exams.

About the Tests

We will be offering two different tests.  Test A will consist of one Maths paper and one English paper. Test B will consist of a different Maths and English paper.  The English and Maths papers will each last 40 minutes with a short break between them.

Both Test A and Test B will be multiple choice and will be set to the same standard based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

Comprehensive feedback will be provided for each child for both papers as outlined in the "Test Results" section below.

In line with our principle of making the tests available to as many children as possible, we have restricted the cost of each test to £35 and we will again be funding a number of Test A places for those eligible for Free School Meals or Pupil Premium Funding.

We will be holding morning and afternoon sessions on the following dates in 2019:

  Date Morning
(9:30am - 11:15am)
(1:30pm - 3:15pm)
Test A
Saturday 11th May Available Available
Sunday 12th May Available Available
Saturday 18th May Available Available
Sunday 19th May Available Available
Saturday 8th June Available Available
Test B
Sunday 9th June Available Available
Saturday 22nd June Available Available
Sunday 23rd June Available Available
Saturday 6th July Available Available
Sunday 7th July Available Available

You may book either test for your child or you may wish to consider booking both tests.  Please note that when booking you may book multiple dates for the same child before paying, however if you are booking for more than one child you will need to book and pay for each child separately.

Test results

  • ​Test A results will be published shortly after the completion of all Test A sessions; similarly Test B results will be published after all Test B sessions have finished.
  • An overview of each child's results will be sent out by email to the email address used when making the test booking.  In addition, results for all candidates will be published on this website by candidate number and will be available for download in both pdf and Excel formats.
  • The following feedback will be provided for each child:
    • Raw scores in English and Maths
    • Standardised score in English and Maths and a combined overall score
    • A breakdown of the child's score by topic for both the English and Maths papers to help identify areas where the child did well or where perhaps more attention is required
    • Feedback on the number of questions for which no mark was awarded due to either no answer or multiple answers being provided
  • ​​To help understand each child's performance relative to those sitting each test the following information will also be published:
    • The standardised score for each candidate by candidate number together with each child's relative ranking within the cohort sitting the test
    • The average raw English and Maths scores
  • The test papers are the property of the PTFA and will not be made available to parents, tutors or any third party

Pupil Premium/Free School Meals

Students in Year 5 who are eligible for Pupil Premium Funding or Free School Meals may apply to sit one Test A for free.  Parents may apply for one of these PTFA funded places in the following way:

  • For students whose school receives Pupil Premium Funding you will need a letter from your child's school to prove they receive pupil premium for them.  Please then email this letter to us at: and we will be in touch with the next step.
  • For students currently eligible for Free School Meals please visit, enter your details and either take a photograph or screenshot of the page that shows your entitlement to Free School Meals.  Please then email this to us at: and we will be in touch with the next step.

Successful applicants will be given a confirmation code to enable them to book a Test A place at no cost to them.  Please note that this must be obtained prior to booking.

Please note:

  • ​Please do NOT contact Wallington County Grammar School about these tests.  If you have any queries please email:
  • Wallington County Grammar School will be used only as a venue for the tests.  The staff of the School are not involved in the writing or marking of papers and are not used for invigilation purposes. 
  • Further information can be found on our FAQs page