Appeals – Transfer to Secondary School Year 7 September 2018

The deadline for lodging appeals for Year 7 entry in 2018 for the initial round of appeals hearings has now passed.

However, you have a statutory right to appeal if your child was refused a place at our school.  You may exercise this right at any time during the academic year but if you do not do so before the initial appeals deadline of 20 school days from National Offer Day on 1st March, then your appeal will be held separately from our initial appeals panel hearings.

In order to lodge an appeal, you must have listed Wallington County Grammar School as a preference on your Common Application Form. For further information, please read the Selective Eligibility Test Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of this website.



Appeals lodged after National Offer Day for Transfer to Secondary School

If you have lodged an appeal, please be advised the Clerk to the Appeals Panel will contact you within the next few weeks to inform you of your Appeal Hearing date and to provide you with information about your Appeals Hearing.
  • As stated on the Appeal Against Admission Form, any evidence or supporting documentation submitted less than 2 weeks before the appeal hearing, or brought in on the day, may not be considered by the panel.
  • Notice to Appellant of Appeal Hearing - you will be contacted by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel and given at least 10 school days notice of when your appeal will be heard.  Appeal hearings are arranged by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel who is independent from the school, and he/she will appoint an independent appeals panel to hear the formal appeals.
  • When will my appeal be heard? – The initial round of appeals (for Transfer to Secondary School) will be heard between April and June 2018 (no more than 40 schools days after the deadline to lodge all appeals) and no later than Monday 18th June 2018. You will be informed of your appeal hearing date in writing by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel, giving you at least 10 days notice of your hearing date and time.
  • Notification of the decision – This will be within 5 school days of the appeals hearing wherever possible and you will be informed of the outcome of your appeal by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.
  • Decisions made by the Independent Appeals Panel are binding.


Mid-Term (on in-year) admission appeals & Sixth Form appeals

Provided a valid application to join Wallington County Grammar School has been unsuccessful, parents/carers (and the student themselves if applying for a place in Sixth Form) have the statutory right to appeal against this decision. This is normally once your child has sat an entrance test (if this is applicable) and is found to be, or not to be, of selective ability.

Please contact the school in writing to request an Appeals Pack. This Appeals Pack will include a covering letter, an Appeals Information sheet and an Appeal Against Admission Form for you to complete and return along with any supporting documents. This MUST be returned to the School by the date specified and marked for the attention of the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.

The deadline for receipt of appeals information and supporting documentation will be documented in your covering letter posted with your Appeals Pack. 

The date your Appeal will be heard and when the outcome of your Appeal will be communicated to you, will also be documented in your letter but will be a maximum of 30 school days after the deadline for your mid-term appeal/sixth form appeal to be lodged. The outcome of your appeal hearing should be communicated back to you by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel within 5 days of the appeals hearing taking place.