School Motto

Per Ardua ad Summa

(‘Through difficulties to the Heights’)

We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos of ‘self-discipline’, ‘endeavour’ and ‘excellence’. We are dedicated to developing as successful individuals, creating a positive environment where all of us will learn.  We never fail because we never give up. We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other. We believe in Wallington County Grammar School.


Our culture and ethos and the practice that flows from it are at the heart of the School’s drive to deliver its vision. Promoting and maintaining excellent standards of conduct is one of the School’s key aims. That aim is fundamental to enable every person to achieve their potential and learn to become an effective, independent, self- motivated learner.

High standards of conduct and effective learning go together. Just as we teach and model effective learning in the subjects of the curriculum, it is essential that we model and teach the excellent conduct for the learning we expect people to display at all times.

Core Values

As a traditional but innovative School our practice is guided by our ‘Core Values’. We arrive together at WCGS with individual knowledge and understanding, different backgrounds, experiences and expectations. For this reason it is essential that our clear values unite us and guide all of our work. Everybody is to understand why our values are there and what they mean as guiding principles for our daily work. A test of our core values is in our words and actions both in the classroom and within the WCGS community.

Self-Discipline We believe that we all have the right to work and learn in an industrious, orderly and respectful environment. We must self-regulate our own words and actions to ensure our own success and the success of others.
Endeavour We believe that we will do what it takes to achieve excellence and we will not give up until we are satisfied that we have given our all.
Excellence We believe that all of us will learn and that everyone can achieve excellence. By demonstrating self-discipline and endeavour we will reach our ‘personal best’.

Core Beliefs

To ensure the effective running of the School we must establish a set of ‘Core Beliefs’ which can help us build a framework for an outstanding school.

High Expectations As part of our drive to achieve 100% we all model high expectations for others at all times. We do not accept mediocrity.
Every Child No child should be left behind in the search to reach their personal best. Every child deserves support and challenge to unleash their aspirations and become a leader of tomorrow.
Lead Learners We are all in the core business of learning and it is our responsibility as members of the WCGS community to ensure we recognise that we all have a responsibility to support others in learning. Whether the youngest student in the School or the most experienced member of staff, we should never stop leading our own and others learning.
No Excuses Continually finding excuses to explain why something has not been done is inefficient and is too easy. It is difficult to always achieve our personal best but we must always have the objective that we will succeed and we will reach our goal without falling short and using an excuse to explain why. Members of the WCGS community must remember that ‘impossible is nothing’.
No Islands No single person or group of people must isolate themselves from the culture and ethos of the School. Failure to be part of the community will lead to inconsistencies within the system. Inconsistencies of practice and attitude are toxic and corrosive to the vision of the School. Parents, staff and students should all be able to rely on a consistent learning environment which supports each other with the same procedures, values and beliefs.