Please find below a list of all teaching and non-teaching staff.

Teaching Staff
Mrs S. Arrain Chemistry
Miss E. Ball English/Year Leader Y9
Mr J. Barwick SL Comupter Science
Mr J. Bean Head of School
Mr R. Bhandari Mathematics/Year Leader - Y8 (Maternity Cover)
Miss E. Billy-Pedro Biology & Physics
Miss G. Bird

Head of Faculty - Mathematics

Mrs K. Bochenski

Religious Studies (Maternity Cover)

Miss R. Brownsing Economics
Mrs E. Burgess Temporary Assistant Subject Leader of Biology
Mr T. Collins Asst. Subject Leader - PE & Games / Master in charge of Cricket
Miss A. Colombo MFL
Mr J. Croft Subject Leader - Physics
Mrs C. Curtis Subject Leader - English
Mr T. Davies History & Games/Year Leader Y10
Mr J. Dicker Subject Leader of Economics & Business Studies
Miss J. Dimond Geography
Miss G. Farlow Subject Leader - Biology (Sabbatical 01/09/16 - 31/08/17)
Mrs M. French English - Schools Direct
Mrs A. Gabriele Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss J. Gallagher Director of Science - Responsibility for Biology (01/09/16 - 31/08/17)
Mr J. Gordon Asst. Subject Leader - Mathematics - Key Stage Coordinator
Mr W. Grant Art, Craft & Design/Year Leader - Y7
Mr B. Greenley Subject Leader History, Classics & Latin / Ast Lead Practitioner
Mr F. Hasan Chemistry (Sabbatical 01/09/16 - 01/01/17/Year Leader - 6th Form (Maternity Cover)
Miss S. Hayat Physics
Mr L. Howells Mathematics
Ms B Infiesta MFL
Mrs E. Jennings Religious Studies/Year Leader 6th Form/Designated e-Safety Lead
Mr D. Johnson Director of Sport
Mr D. Jones Assistant Headteacher
Miss R. Kershaw Chemistry
Miss S. Khan Biology
Mrs L. King English/Senior Teacher - SENCo & Welfare of Students
Mr J-L. Lescault Mathematics
Mrs J. Martin Subject Leader - Music
Mr M. McLauchlan English
Dr K. Meek Director of Co-Curricular Learning / Senior Teacher
Mr A. Mehta Asst. Subject Leader PE & Games / Master in Charge of Rugby
Mr J. Moran Chemistry
Mrs C. Mortreuil Modern Foreign Languages
Miss L. Musselbrook    Subject Leader - Art, Craft & Design Technology
Ms C. Ngwenya Mathematics
Mrs D. Nunes Subject Leader - Food Technology
Mrs D. Owen Deputy Headteacher
Miss A. Paradis Modern Foreign Languages/Year Leader - Y8 (Maternity Leave)
Miss A. Pushpanathan Mathematics
Mr P. Quaintrell Physics
Mr A. Robertson History/Year Leader 6th Form
Mrs H. Rose Science
Mrs S. Smart Design Technology
Mrs T. Srikumar Maths
Ms S. Tanna Teacher of Science
Miss C. Tovey Assitant Headteacher - Director of Sixth Form
Mrs K. Turner Wellbeing
Mrs C. Usher Music
Mr P. Verma Maths
Mr S. Waters Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mr S. Watkin Subject Leader - Government & Politics
Ms A. Watson-Bartlam Subject Leader - Geography
Mrs A. Weddell Subject Leader - Drama
Mr S. Weston Subject Leader - Design Technology
Mr J. Wilden Executive Headteacher
Dr M. Young

Subject Leader - Religious Studies & Philosophy

Non-Teaching Staff
Miss Noor Ahmed   Registrar & Pastoral Data Analyst
Mrs J. Baker Finance Administrator
Mr R. Baker Director of Finance & Shared Services
Mrs M. Barton Catering Manager
Mrs R. Bharadia Front of House Support Officer
Mrs D. Branch Catering Assistant
Mrs C. Brooks Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs J. Brown Media, Marketing & Development Officer (Folio Education Trust)
Mr T. Brown IT Support Analyst
Miss E. Bryan School Librarian
Mr D. Cardenas Data Analyst & SIMS Developer
Mrs P. Clode Examinations Officer
Mrs A. Curtis Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs T. Donald Curriculum Support Officer - Art
Ms T. Donovan Catering Assistant
Mr D. Doughorty Site Supervisor
Mrs S. Drew Catering Assistant
Mrs J. Dyduch Catering Assistant
Mr J. Emerton IT Support Analyst
Mr A. Etherington Site Supervisor
Mr J. Forrest Sports Technician
Ms C. Fox Senior Finance Officer
Mrs I. Gambel Pastoral Support Officer - Key Stage 5
Miss L. Gayle

PA to Head of School, Deputy Headteachers, Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs C. Grimes PA to Executive Headteacher & Director of Finance and Shared Services
Mrs A. Hanly Finance Manager
Mrs D. Holloway Folio Education Trust - Project Co-ordinator
Ms B. Infiesta Spanish Language Assistant
Mr J. Johnson Cover/Coach
Mrs J. Johnson Personnel Officer
Mr P. Kiteley Bank Cover Supervisor / Exams Invigilator
Mr P. Lawrence DT Curriculum Support Officer
Mr N. Legg Rugby Coach / Bank Cover Supervisor
Mrs L. Lenaghan Co-curricular Learning Co-ordinator
Mr G. Maric Table Tennis Coach
Mr M. Morgan Cover Supervisor & Curriculum Support Officer
Miss N. Moyle Cover Supervisor & Curriculum Support Officer
Mrs J. Morcombe Catering Assistant
Mr M. Mulligan Science Curriculum Support Officer (Chemistry)
Mr P. Nicholson Science Curriculum Support Officer (Physics)
Mr M. Ralph Finance Apprentice
Mrs D. Reeves Assistant Cook
Mrs T. Round Reprographics & Departmental Support Officer
Mrs J. Skipp Catering Assistant
Mrs A. Slade Science Curriculum Support Officer - Biology
Mrs A. Stratford Science Curriculum Support Officer - Biology
Mr N. Thomas Food Technology Technician
Mrs A. Tutt Office Manager and Premises Administrator
Mrs M-P. Verrills French Language Assistant
Mrs M. Waters Admissions Officer
Mr M. Zeolla Strategic IT Network Manager