At Wallington County Grammar School, great importance is given to pastoral care which underpins a student’s personal development.  We believe academic achievement alone does not make for a successful citizen in our global community.  Moreover, it is the personal moral, spiritual, cultural and social development which is central to the business of creating young men and women who are responsible and fulfilled members of our world. We aim to provide extensive support to help nurture our young students so that they may achieve their potential both academically and socially.

All staff at WCGS have a role in supporting a student’s well-being. Form tutors spend a lot of time developing good working relationships with their tutees enabling students to feel safe, happy and secure. All pastoral care is provided with the full support of Year Leaders and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that meeting student’s needs, both collectively and individually, is always at the forefront of our thinking. 

In conjunction with the School's care we actively seek the support of parent/carers in all matters relating to pastoral care. Informal contact between form tutors and parent/carers is positively encouraged. Once a year, parent/carers are given the opportunity to discuss their son’s or daughter’s progress at Parents’ Evenings. Additionally, the School runs a series of parent/carers workshops which are intended to advise them about different aspects of academic life and those relating to the wider outcomes of the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda.


Wellbeing contact details for students document

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