These expectations have been created in collaboration between the WCGS student body and staff body to embed Wallington County Grammar School’s core values of compassion, courage, commitment and creativity in all that we do.


Through our culture of openness we promote all aspects of students’ welfare and  expect that all students value their education, are thoughtful, caring and active citizens in school and the wider society. We expect our students to work hard to prevent all forms of prejudice and discrimination, actively seeking to eradicate discrimination based on;


  • Sexuality
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Social or cultural background
  • Religion
  • Physical appearance
  • Disability or SEN (Special Educational Needs)
  • Health; physical or mental
  • Academic ability
  • Political affiliations
  • Personal opinion


 We encourage all students to discuss issues that are important to them in an

   atmosphere that promotes tolerance and respect.



   All students will endeavour to:

  • encourage and be supportive of their peers and other members of the school community;
  • show respect to everyone;
  • achieve their personal best in all that they do.




All students will endeavour to:

  • do all that they can to support teachers in delivering the ‘Vision for Learning’-
  • Students will demonstrate passion and thirst for learning both inside and outside of lessons. Their drive and enthusiasm will be evident in all they do and they will listen in order to show their full engagement.
  • Students will be resilient in their acceptance of feedback and make excellent use of it in order to achieve academic and personal excellence. When reflecting on their progress students will respond in a thorough and considerate way.
  • Students will be ambitious and determined to seek fresh challenges to push themselves both inside and outside of lessons. Students will ask for help when it is needed, both from staff and their peers, and are able to identify their own learning needs.
  • : Students have integrity and are respectful, considerate members of all communities they interact with.

Deep thinking: Students will be curious learners who go above and beyond the curriculum, take risks and embrace failures as potential learning opportunities. They will be problem solvers and creative thinkers who will change our world for the better.

  • Sixth Form students are welcome to use free classrooms (at staff discretion) during time when they are not timetabled to be in Private Study or in a lesson. Students may use computers in classrooms on the provision that they login using their own username and password and they treat the machine with the utmost respect knowing that the quality of teaching of teachers who use the classroom will be affected if they do not. Computers must only be used for work. Students using empty classrooms should ensure they are left in pristine condition.  




  • Students will move with the flow of traffic showing courtesy  to all members of the school community;
  • Students will give way to all members of the school community, and unless already granted permission to enter a room, students should wait in  single file in the corridor;
  • Students will not eat in the corridors.



All students will endeavour to:

  • show respect for playground equipment and the school environment;
  • be considerate of the people around them;
  • demonstrate positive behaviour and self-discipline;
  • maintain a clean and healthy environment, by ensuring litter is placed in the bin.


  • The library will be used as a silent space;
  • No eating or drinking in the library (except water);
  • No 6th form students at break or lunch time;
  • No games on PC.



   All students will endeavour to:

  • be silent at all times during lesson time except when talking to the member of staff supervising;
  • use the Study as academic work spaces;
  • no eating or drinking (except water).



   All students will endeavour to:

  • maintain good order in the café  queue, adopting single file; show consideration for others by clearing up after themselves;
  • treat all Café staff respectfully;
  • place all bags and coats in the pigeon holes before entering the main WCGS café;
  • treat the café as you would any other restaurant or shop.



  • Students are only allowed to access their personal mobile phones in school as an aid to their learning whilst under the direction of a member of staff or whilst in the Sixth Form Quiet Study Areas, or in the  café before 8:15 am.  Students who wish to contact home should do so via reception or student services before School, at break or lunch time. The exception to this is in Sixth Form Private Study Sessions in which students may use their phones to listen to music quietly through headphones if it helps them concentrate, but ensure that the volume does not distract others.  


  • Earphones/Headphones are allowed to be in use or on display in the Sixth Form Private Study Areas.


 DRIVING (Sixth Form Only)

  • Students will drive and park around the neighbourhood local to the school in a safe and considerate manner;
  • Students will notify the school of the make, model, colour and number plate of their car.



  • The Sixth Form have the privilege of being allowed out of school during lunch times after they have signed out from reception, and upon their return must sign back in;
  • The Sixth Form have the privilege of being allowed to leave School after PM registration if they do not have a Period 5 lesson and do not need to stay for any after school commitments;
  • Members of the public will be impressed with the excellent demeanour and self-discipline and respect for others in the wider community that our students display when outside of school including on public transport – students’ behaviour will not bring the school into disrepute.



  • Students are encouraged to keep hydrated by drinking water in lessons, whilst other food and drink products should only be consumed at breakfast club, break times or lunch times whilst in the café or in the playgrounds;
  • During wet break, students may wish to eat their food in the classroom of their next lesson (unless it is a practical subject and instead students should use the hall) and rubbish will be placed in the bin;
  • Students should endeavour to always eat healthily and responsibly;
  • Sixth form students will act as role models by not eating “fast food” or “take away” food on the school site.



    All students will bring the following equipment to lessons daily:

  • Contact book ( for Year 7-11)
  • Purple pen
  • Red pen
  • Green pen
  • Pen (black or blue ink)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator - Casio FX 991EX CLASSWIZ calculator for 6th Form ( Casio FX CG50 Graphical Calculator  for Further Maths Students) and FX 83GTPLUS or FX 85GTPLUS ( but the best one to use is Casio FX 991EX CLASSWIZ) for Y7-Y11
  • Protractor
  • A pair of compasses
  • Spanish/ French dictionary (for those that study this language)



    All students will endeavour to:

  • take pride in their appearance in school and on their way to and from school;
  • observe the school dress code (see end of this document).


  • School Blazer
  • White Shirt (long or short sleeves) tucked into trousers
  • School tie - tie must cover all shirt buttons
  • Top button done up
  • Black leather formal polished shoes
  • Charcoal grey or black trousers
  • Navy V-neck school jumper (optional)
  • Black or grey socks
  • Black leather belt (optional)
  • No Jewellery except a watch
  • No piercings
  • Dark plain outdoor coat or School branded coat (optional, but no hoodies or denim)
  • Hair- no extremes of fashion
  • Clean shaven or well-manicured, professional facial hair (unless for religious reasons)


  • Business suit (that is plain in colour). If girls decide to wear a skirt it must be navy, black or dark grey, no patterns and of a professional length
  • White Shirt (long or short sleeves) tucked into trousers or skirt
  • School tie (optional for girls) - tie must cover all shirt buttons
  • Smart navy, black or grey V neck jumper without hood, collar or branding (optional)
  • Formal dark leather polished shoes
  • Dark leather belt (optional)
  • All Jewellery must be discreet
  • Piercings must be discreet plain studs
  • No visible tattoos
  • Dark plain outdoor coat or School branded coat (optional, but no hoodies or denim)
  • Hair- no extremes of fashion
  • Clean shaven or well-manicured, professional facial hair (unless for religious reasons)



These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others.


  1. I will only use the School’s computers for appropriate school activities and learning, and am aware that WCGS can monitor my internet use.
  2. I will use the Internet responsibly and will not visit web sites that are inappropriate for the School or my key stage.
  3. I will not bring files into school that can harm the School network or be used to circumvent WCGS security tools.
  4. I will be careful when opening files and attachments, checking for viruses etc. If I am unsure I will never open a file. 
  5. Images or videos of students and staff taken, stored and used in line with school policy, should not be distributed outside the School without the permission of the Designated e-Safety Lead.  
  6. I will not use any device to capture and / or store images or videos of students and staff unless with the permission of a member of staff for educational purposes.


  1. I will only e-mail or contact people I know, or those approved as part of learning activities.
  2. I will not give my personal information that could be used to identify me, my family or my friends on any online space, unless a trusted adult has given permission or reviewed the site.
  3. I will never arrange to meet someone I have only ever previously met on the Internet or by email or in a chat room, unless I take a trusted adult with me.
  4. If I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive a message that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will not respond to it but I will save it and talk to a trusted adult.



  1. I will keep my logins, IDs and passwords secret and change my password when requested to do so.
  2. I will not attempt to infiltrate the School’s network or internet system.
  3. I will respect the privacy and ownership of other’s work.
  4. I will only edit or delete my own files and not view, or change, other people’s files or user areas without their permission.
  5. The messages I send, or information I upload, will always be polite and sensible. I understand that all messages I send reflect on me and the School.
  6. I am aware that some websites, games and social networks have age restrictions and I should respect this.
  7. I am aware that my online activity at all times should not upset or hurt other people and that I should not put myself at risk.
  8. I will not deliberately upload images, text, audio, video or any content which may cause offence to members of the school community.
  9. My online activity both within and outside school premises will not cause distress to my school, staff or pupils.

I understand these rules are designed to keep me safe If any students at WCGS violate this policy, access to the Network, Internet and e-mail may be denied.  Where a student uses a login that belongs to someone else - or intentionally accesses a part of the school system, software or data, which is not allowed for them, there may be very serious repercussions that could include the Police. If you even become aware of other students having unauthorised access to the school’s computer systems, data, software or other material, you should report this to a member of school staff immediately.


You should be aware that all of the following actions are criminal offences under the law:

  • Gaining access to computer programs, school data, apps or school systems without permission to do so;
  • Gaining access to a computer system without permission, with a plan to commit a crime;
  • Changing something on a computer system, app or school computer, which you do not have permission to do.