Wallington County Grammar School


Transfer to Secondary School - Year 7 September 2020

On 2nd March 2020 (National Offer Day) you will receive a communication from your home Local Authority regarding an offer of a Secondary School place. If you have been unsuccessful in being offered a place at Wallington County Grammar School (WCGS), you have the right of appeal if you had made a valid application by;

1. Reaching the WCGS pass mark from the Selective Eligibility Test previously held, and

2. Listing Wallington County Grammar School (WCGS) on your Common Application Form (CAF)

If your son was unsuccessful in reaching the Selective Eligibility Test pass mark for our School but you wish to appeal, then you must have listed WCGS as a preference on your CAF in order to invoke your right of appeal. For further information, please read the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) FAQs on this website.

Lodging an Appeal for a Year 7 place

  • Please contact the Admissions Officer at Wallington County Grammar School in writing (via a letter addressed to the school or via an email to admissions@wcgs.org.uk) if you wish to appeal. Please ensure you provide your son's full name, his date of birth and your home address. The Admissions Officer will then post you an Appeals Pack containing an Appeals Information Sheet and an Appeal Against Admission Form for you to complete and return along with any supporting documents. We ask that this form and supporting documentation where possible are returned to the School by midday on Monday 30th March 2020 (20 school days from National Offer Day) to allow all of the Transfer to Secondary School Appeals for Year 7 places to be heard on the same day in May/June 2020.
  • Please note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the Government has issued new guidelines for appeals being held in 2020 (and up to 31st January 2021). It is likely that appeal hearings will either be heard via video conference, or by telephone conference, or on a paper based system and deadlines to the usual 40 school days for hearings to be carried out are likely to be extended. 
  • Please make every effort to send all documents to support your appeal at the same time.
  • One original AND four copies of your supporting documentation AND your completed Appeals form need to be provided (collated into 5 separate packs please). This is to ensure that the School, the Clerk to the Appeals Panel and each of the 3 Appeals Panels members have a copy of your Appeals Form and supporting documentation. 
  • Any evidence or supporting documentation submitted less than 7 days before an Appeal Hearing, or brought in on the day of the hearing, may not be considered by the panel.
  • Please ensure that your supporting documentation is relevant to the grounds on which you are appealing. Please do not provide supporting documentation such as sporting achievement certificates, or good conduct certificates - as these cannot be used in support of your Appeal Hearing and are not relevant to the School's Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document (which is available to read on this website).
  • Notice of your Appeal Hearing - you will be contacted by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel and given at least 10 school days notice of when your appeal will be heard.  Appeal hearings are arranged by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel who is independent from the school, and he/she will appoint an independent Appeals Panel to hear the formal appeals.
  • When will my appeal be heard? – Appeals (for Transfer to Secondary School) for parents/carers who lodged their appeal by 30th March 2020 will have their Appeal Hearing heard by no later than Tuesday 16th June 2020 (this being 40 schools days after 30th March 2020). **PLEASE SEE ABOVE AS THIS DEADLINE IS LIKELY TO BE EXTENDED BY NEW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES** 
  • Notification of the decision – This will be within 5 school days of the appeals hearing wherever possible and you will be informed of the outcome of your appeal by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel (who is independent from the School).
  • Decisions made by the Independent Appeals Panel are binding.


Mid-Term (or in-year) admission appeals & Sixth Form appeals

Provided a valid application to join Wallington County Grammar School has been unsuccessful (i.e. where testing has taken place for a mid-term vacancy and your son was not offered a place at our School, or where students have applied for a place in our Sixth Form and have been unsuccessful) parents/carers, and the student themselves if applying for a place in Sixth Form, have the right of appeal.

Please contact the school in writing to request an Appeals Pack. This Appeals Pack will include a covering letter, an Appeals Information sheet and an Appeal Against Admission Form for you to complete and return along with any supporting documents. This is to be returned to the School by the date specified on the covering letter and marked for the attention of the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.

The deadline for receipt of appeals information and supporting documentation will be documented in your covering letter posted with your Appeals Pack. 

The date of your Appeal Hearing will be communicated to you by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel. 

Any evidence or supporting documentation submitted less than 2 weeks before the appeal hearing, or brought in on the day, may not be considered by the panel.

Your Appeals Hearing will take place no more than 30 schools days after lodging your Mid-Term/Sixth Form Appeal. The outcome of your appeal hearing will be communicated back to you by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel (who is independent from the School).

The decision of the Appeals Panel is final and binding.


For further information regarding Appeals Hearings and the role of the Appeals Panel and the Clerk to the Appeals Panel;

Please click on the link below to read a Department for Education paper (published on 15th March 2019) on the Appeals process and the role of the Appeals Panel and the Clerk to the Appeals Panel.

Advice for Clerks & Appeal Panels on School Admission Appeals