Wallington County Grammar School

Mid Term Admissions

Throughout the academic year, any person may apply for a place at Wallington County Grammar School for their son (in years 7 to 11). This may be done through contacting our School directly, or through the London Borough of Sutton School Admissions Team.

It is unlikely event there will be any vacancies for your son in the year group you are interested in as our School is normally full and it is rare that any vacancies arise, so your son's details will be held on an Entrance Exam waiting list. Entrance Exam waiting lists are maintained for each year group between Year 7 and Year 11.  In the unlikely event of a vacancy arising, all boys who have registered an interest either directly with the School or the London Borough of Sutton for the year group with the vacancy in, will be invited in to our School to sit an Entrance Examination to determine eligibility (please note that it is not possible for boys to sit an Entrance Examination twice for the same academic year of entry). 

Success in an Entrance Examination does not mean that a place will be offered to join our School as it is likely we will pass a few boys but may only have one vacancy in a year group.

Entrance Exam waiting lists are maintained for each year group throughout the year but are cancelled at the end of each academic year. You will be given the opportunity towards the end of the academic year to transfer your son's details to the next year's Entrance Exam waiting list if you so wish. If your son is in Year 11, this waiting list will be cancelled at the end of the academic year and you may make a new application yourself for a possible place as an external candidate in our Sixth Form.

Please read the Mid-Term Admissions Criteria & Arrangements for the applicable year of entry in the Admissions section of this website for further information and to read our oversubscription criteria.