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Mid Term Admissions

Mid-Term Admissions


Making a mid-term application if you are overseas

Please click on the following link for information from the Local Authority in Sutton (updated June 2021) on making a mid-term application if you are overseas. 



How to make a mid-application

Throughout the academic year, any person may apply for a place at our school up to 4 weeks in advance of when it is required. A mid-term application may be made through contacting the London Borough of Sutton School Admissions Team or by contacting the school directly. If you are requesting a place at multiple Sutton schools it may be easier for you to contact the Local Authority to make one mid-term application as you will only need to register your interest once for more than one school.

If however, you wish to make a mid-term application directly to the school, please email Mrs Waters the Admissions Officer on email admissions@wcgs.org.uk or mwaters5.319@wcgs.foliotrust.uk and state that you wish to make a mid-term application. You will need to supply the following information: 

1. your son's first name

2. any middles names he may have 

3. his surname      (please ensure all categories of name are kept separate)

4. his date of birth 

5. your home address

6. confirmation of his current year group (this will also be the year group he is added to for a mid-term waiting list) 

7. the name of any school he is currently attending (this is for our records only and we will not contact his existing school)

8. a parental name include salutation (eg. Mr or Miss)

9. a parental contact telephone number

10. a parental email address

11. Please state if your son is out of normal date range within his year group and if so, please provide information on why this is and how long this may have been the case (eg. your child may be summer born and your deferred the start of his schooling and he has always been out of expected date range within his year group, or perhaps you relocated from overseas and the Local Authority placed your son in a different year group).

Please read the Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document for the relative year of entry for further information on how the school reviews out of normal date range student applications and what information the parent may be required to supply. 


If you are making a mid-term application through the Local Authority, once your son's information is provided to the school, you will receive a response to your application within 10 working days via email. If you are making a mid-term application directly to the school, you will receive a response to your application via email within no more than 10 working days. 

Other information regarding mid-term applications:

  • Our school is normally full in all year groups and it is unlikely that any vacancies will arise, but if a vacancy does arise in your son's year group and his details are on a mid-term waiting list, he will be invited in to the school to sit an entrance test. Please note: an entrance test would only ever be organised if a vacancy were to arise.
  • It is not therefore possible to tell parents what may be included in an entrance test, as a test paper is only created once a vacancy arises and a test is then planned.
  • Waiting lists are held for all year groups to 7 to 11. If no vacancies arise during the year, near the end of the academic year you will be contacted via email and informed that all waiting lists will be cancelled at the end of the summer term. At this point you will be given the opportunity to transfer your son's details to the next year's waiting list from September.
  • The only exception to this is with the Year 11 waiting list as when this is cancelled, all students may then make a separate application for a place in our Sixth Form.
  • Please note that it is not possible for boys to sit an Entrance Examination twice for the same academic year of entry.
  • Success in an Entrance Examination does not mean that a place will be offered to join our School as it is likely we will pass a few boys from an entrance test, but we may only have one vacancy in a year group.
  • The school would apply our oversubscription criteria. If you wish find out more, please refer to the Admissions section of this website and read the Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document relevant to the year of entry. 
  • A parent does have the right of appeal, although any appeal would normally be lodged once a candidate is tested and is not subsequently offered a place. Please refer to the Admissions, Appeals section of this website for further information.