Wallington County Grammar School

Year 12 Bridging Work

In order for students to best prepare for A-level study and ensure they are selecting the most suitable Key Stage 5 courses for them, compulsory Bridging Work must be completed in all subjects. Each student's effort in the bridging work will be reported home in September and the results will be used by teachers to inform planning and to put in place appropriate intervention to support students with the challenges of A-level study.

Bridging Work tasks should take roughly 2 hours per subject. 

Students will need to bring in a hard copy of the work completed ready for submission in their first lesson for each subject (in other words, all work needs to be ready for the first day of lessons. 

Reading lists for all subjects will also be provided. Where necessary, students will need to purchase these texts ahead of the start of the academic year; if this presents any financial problems, please get in touch with the Director of Sixth Form, Mr. Alasdair Robertson, by emailing the school's main email address:

Sixth Form Uniform