Wallington County Grammar School

Why is WCGS not running a second stage entrance examination?

The Governors of WCGS have decided not to run a second stage of their entrance examination for the following reasons.

  1. Young people hoping to attend a local selective school have to attend a lot of tests. We would like to reduce the number of tests for those hoping to attend WCGS.
  2. Through our statistical analysis we are able to confirm that the Selective Eligibility Test (SET) is an excellent measure of a child’s selective ability and we therefore we do not need to continue the testing process into a second stage. From our data analysis of students in Year 7 we see that all of our students make outstanding progress, are happy at school and do not struggle to access the curriculum. If you would like more information on our analysis of the correlation between performance in the SET and achievement in Key Stage 3 then please contact the school. 
  3. As selective schools become more popular in the local area we see an increasing number of candidates taking the first stage test but who fail to attend the second stage because they live too far away to travel to WCGS on a daily basis. It is clear therefore that we are being used as a testing ground and it is unfair that some local children are being discounted from coming to WCGS after the selection process in between the first and second stage test.

Wallington County Grammar School firmly believes that it must be a local school for local children. By reducing the testing process and giving all young people who pass the SET the opportunity to apply for a place at the school through the Common Application Form (CAF) we are ensuring we maintain our ethos of caring for the whole child.