Wallington County Grammar School

Clubs & Societies

Clubs and Societies are an integral part of life at Wallington County Grammar School. Each year group has dedicated clubs and societies periods where they can sign up for a range of clubs or societies each term. Student attendance is recorded  and tracked throughout the year

Clubs and Societies 2023/2024:

Staff and students will be running clubs and societies from Monday 25th September 2023. Clubs/societies will run from 14:45 - 15:30 on the following days for each year group:

Mondays: Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10

Tuesdays: Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Lower Sixth (optional) and Upper Sixth (optional)

Wednesdays: XVI Wallington Scouts

Thursdays: Lower Sixth (optional) and Upper Sixth (optional)

Fridays:  Year 8, Year 9, Lower Sixth (optional) and Upper Sixth (optional)


We offer a broad range of clubs and societies open to all year groups which include:

A Level Economics & Politics Support
A Level Latin Support
A Level Philosophy Intervention
Advanced Chemistry for Oxbridge club
Aeronautics society*
AFA Touch typing
Animation club*
Art Club
Art Support Club
Backstage Theatre (Year 12,13)
Beyblade Club*
Board Games Club
Bronze CREST Club
Chemistry Demonstrations Club
Chess Club*
Cooking Club
Creative Writing
Dance club
Debating Club
Digital Art club
Duke of Edinburgh 
Dungeons and Dragons club*
Electronics Support
Exercise with JLE
Film club
Food Tech Subject Support Club
Formula 1 Club*
GCSE Economics Support club
GCSE Y11 Geography Support Club
Geopolitics Club*
Girls Active Club
Girls Netball
GPT / LLM / AI club
Into Film Club
Intro To Exercise Club*
KS4 7+ English Support Club
KS4 Computing Club
KS4 Oxbridge Humanities Club
KS4 Oxbridge STEM Club
KS4 RM Intervention
KS5 Biology intervention
KS5 Maths Oxbridge Club
KS5 Oxbridge Classics
KS5 Oxbridge Economics & Politics club
KS5 Oxbridge HSPS & History
KS5 Oxbridge Philosophy Club
KS5 Philosophy (Moral / God Philosophy) Support club
KS5 Physics Support Club
Lego Masters
Mathematical Art
Maths Subject Support Club
Med Prep Interview and BMAT prep
Monopoly Club*
Music Club*
Origami Club*
Philosophy Society
Physics/engineering Oxbridge Club
Production Club (sound/lighting)
Rubik's Cube Club
Running Club
Scrabble Club
Sixth Form Dance club
Space Club*
Star Wars Society*
Technical Theatre Club
Touch Rugby
Touch Typing Club
Uno Club*
World Cinema Club
Y11 Music Support Club
Y7&8 Table Tennis Club*
Y8 Anime Club
Year 10 Drama Intervention
Year 11 Drama Intervention
Year 13 Drama Intervention
Year 7 Book Club with Mrs Bryan
Year 7 Reading Club
Year 8 Drama Club*
Year 8 Reading Club
Year 9 Reading club

* indicates a student led club or society