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Wallington County Grammar School

Sixth Form Appeals Information

Provided a valid application to join Wallington County Grammar School has been unsuccessful parents/carers, and the students themselves if applying for a place in Sixth Form, have the right of appeal.

Parents/carers wishing to appeal must send a written request for an Appeals Pack.

  • Five copies of your completed Appeal Against Admission Form and five copies of your supporting documentation must be provided (collated into five separate packs please). This is to ensure that the Presenting Officer at the school, the Clerk to the Appeals Panel and each of the three Appeals Panels members have a copy of your Appeals Form and any supporting documentation you wish to submit. 
  • Please make every effort to send all documents to support your appeal at the same time.
  • Any evidence or supporting documentation submitted less than seven days before an Appeal Hearing may not be considered by the panel.
  • Appellants are entitled to ten school days notice of the date of appeal, but with the appellant's agreement, we will endeavour to hear the appeals sooner as this will be beneficial to the student in the case of a Sixth Form appeal. Appeal hearings are arranged by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel who is independent of the school, and he/she will appoint an independent Appeals Panel to hear the formal appeals.
  • The outcome/result of your Appeal Hearing will be communicated to you by the Clerk to the Appeals Panel within five school days of your appeal being heard.
  • Decisions made by the Independent Appeals Panel are binding.

Please click on the link below to read Department for Education guidance on the appeals process:

Advice for parents and guardians on school admission appeals