Wallington County Grammar School

Transition to Year 7

Year 7 induction into the Wallington County Grammar School community is so much more than a reading of the rules. First impressions mean a lot, and so here at WCGS we invest greatly in the first couple of days your son spends with us, taking the time and expertise necessary to comfortably welcome each individual student to their new school environment. Seven years later when we shake hands and wish our alumni well, memories of those first induction days are often recalled, by teacher and student alike.

We provide two days in July for the initial induction of our young scholars. We feel this period allows more than a superficial ‘taste’ of what we offer – by September students already have a genuine appreciation for our ethos and are excited, rather than nervous, about returning. These days allow friendships to bud, bearings to be taken and routines to be learnt. Nearly all subject teachers will meet their classes and tutors will build a rapport with their tutees. Group exercises and team games, challenges and puzzles, explanation and introduction – all activities spread throughout these two days are designed to ensure the happy integration of every new student, through what could otherwise be an abrupt culture shock.

Students, parent/carers', teachers and leaders all look forward to welcoming the future of our institution – and this begins at our induction.