Wallington County Grammar School

Familiarisation Test Results

2021 test results

The 2021 test results will be available on this website until 30 September 2021 after which time they will be permanently deleted.

Note: Results are published by candidate number.  If you have lost you candidate number or if you cannot see it listed, please email tests@wcgsptfa.org

  • The test consisted of two papers: a 40 minute maths paper with 50 questions and a 40 minute English paper with 70 questions
  • 1,068 children sat the test. The average English and maths marks are set out in the table below:
    Gender Number sitting Test Average mark - Maths
    (50 Qs)
    Average mark - English
    (70 Qs)
    Male 589 38.5 44.6
    Female 479 38.6 46.6
    Total 1,068 38.5 45.5

  • A complete list of results by candidate number is available in two formats: an Excel file and a pdf file. Both files contain the following information: 
    • Maths and English raw and standardised scores
    • Analysis of English and maths scores by question category, showing the number of correct answers, incorrect answers, blank answers (i.e. no answer was given) and multiple answers (i.e. more than one answer was given when only one answer was required).  An overview of the question categories can be found here
    • Overall total standardised score ranking and ranking by gender 
    • Overall ranking for English and maths and ranking by gender
    • An overview of the standardised score distribution showing how many children achieved each standardised score or higher
  • In the Excel file, the sheet "Summary by candidate" provides a summary of both the English and maths results for the candidate number entered in cell C2.
  • Link to Excel file
  • Link to pdf file


A note on the calculation of the standardised score

The standardised score is calculated in the following manner:

  • The average (mean) score for each paper is re-based to a standardised score of 100.
  • The standard deviation of the results is re-based to a value of 15
  • A candidate's standardised score is calculated by determining how many standard deviations their score is from the mean score, multiplying the answer by 15 (the re-based value of 1 standard deviation) and either adding or subtracting the calculated value from 100 (the standardised mean score) depending on whether they scored above or below the mean
  • Example: mean score=30, one standard deviation=4.5, candidate score=33.
    Candidate's standardised score= 100 + ((33-30)/4.5)*15) = 100 + 10 = 110