Wallington County Grammar School


All students will endeavour to take pride in their appearance in school and on their way to and from school.  All students must observe the School Dress Code as follows:

Uniform for Year 7- Year 11

School Blazer

White Shirt (long or short sleeves) tucked into trousers

School tie - tie must cover all shirt buttons

Top button done up

Black leather formal polished shoes

Charcoal grey or black trousers

Navy V-neck school jumper (optional)

Black or grey socks

Black leather belt (optional)

No Jewellery except a watch

No piercings

Dark plain outdoor coat or School branded coat (optional, but no hoodies or denim)

Hair- no extremes of fashion

Clean shaven or well-manicured, professional facial hair (unless for religious reasons)


Uniform Expectations for Sixth Form

Business suit that is plain in colour (no patterns or checks) 

White shirt (long or short sleeves) tucked into trousers or skirt

Formal, dark leather shoes (no leather trainers)

 A Sixth Form tie (optional for female students). Tie must cover all shirt buttons.

  • Celebratory ties such as a Full Colours tie, House tie, Arts/Humanities/Science tie etc. may be warn instead of a Sixth Form tie, but not a lower school tie.
  • Sixth Form ties are purchasable from Cladish Sports, located on Wallington High Street https:/www.cladishsports.co.uk/

(Optional) Dark leather belt

(Optional) Smart, unbranded v-neck jumper in navy blue, dark grey or black

(Optional) A warm, plain and dark coloured coat (no hoodies, denim or tracksuit tops)

All jewellery must be discreet and professional


In addition to purchasing new school uniform from Cladish, parents can donate and purchase second hand uniform from the PTFA at various times during the school year.  Dates will be advertised on the PTFA pages of this website.

Sports Uniform

Information on the sports uniform and where it can be purchased can be found here:

Sports Uniform