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Wallington County Grammar School


If your child is ill, it is vital that you inform the school on each day of his or her absence.  Parent/carers should inform the school by completing the online form below.

Student Absence Reporting Form

Is my child too ill for school? 

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school. Click on the link below for guidance from the NHS:

Should your child be ill in school, then he/she should go straight to Student Services, who will contact you should they be deemed ill enough to go home.  Students are not to contact parents/carers by personal mobile phone before they visit Student Services to report that they are unwell.  Mobile phones must be switched off at all times and should only be used under the guidance or with the permission of a member of staff.

Planned absences


Dental appointments, hospital visits etc. should be arranged outside of school time. When this is not possible, written notice should be given to the year leader in advance of the appointment (year leaders need to check past appointments/ current attendance and any key assessments that are occurring, so advance notice is necessary - ideally when the appointment has been made). The signing in/out book must be used to record the time of leaving and returning.

Interviews,open days and tests

Students attending university interviews must inform the form tutor in advance of the interview. Students should also inform form tutors in advance of any external tests relating to university applications. Students may attend open days but must seek the permission of the Assistant Headteacher/Director of Sixth Form in advance of the date. Pupils may not miss timetabled lessons for driving lessons.

Leave of absence

In general, leave of absence will not be granted other than in exceptional circumstances, such as on compassionate grounds. An application for leave of absence must be submitted to the Deputy Headteacher, on the appropriate form, obtainable from the School Office.

Request for Absence

Unauthorised absence

Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no 'leave' has been given. The school is the authorising body for an absence.

Holidays in term time without permission

The Education (Pupil Registration, England) Regulations 2006 make provision for holidays in term-time only with the permission of the Headteacher.  The regulations state that holidays in term time should only be authorised under special circumstances. It is at the Headteacher’s discretion to authorise a holiday.  The school firmly believe that no holidays must be taken during term time.

Parent/carers should be aware that absence is detrimental to a student’s education, and staff cannot be expected to undertake work to compensate for what has been missed.